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*Michaella is an Angel on earth!! This was my first energy healing massage and it was amazing!! The 60 minutes felt more like 2 to 3 hours!! I will be recommending her to everyone I know that is looking for an energy reset. Thank you so much Michaella

-Miss Ware

*Michaella is the best!!! I have Cerebral Palsy and Michaella is the only massage therapist I will go to. Go She Her for the best massage You will ever get. She has Healing Hands!!

-Linda P

*Michaella is such an inspirational and authentic person. I can say with 100% certainty that my personal business venture would not be nearly as developed without her presence and service in my life. Michaella's consistent creative solutions, ongoing support, and positive redirecting has specifically helped me get out of ruts when I felt negative and less than hopeful about my nutrition practice and food business. She is one of the hardest workers I know and she truly walks her talk, living by example as a self made business woman. Michaella serves as one of my personal role models as a strong woman and a source of empowerment within our community. After consulting with her, I get off the phone feeling rejuvenated, inspired, confident, and excited to get to work.

I highly recommend Michaella's services to any professional seeking resources, guidance, and motivation to carve out a fulfilling, successful career for one's self. She has not only been an asset to my business, but to my life in general. 

-S.B., Holistic Nutrition Services

*Michaella is an outstanding massage therapist; moreover, she has a natural gift for healing!  The environment of her office is homelike with warm and loving atmosphere.  Michaella puts in work for you not only with excellent massage techniques but also with her powerful healing abilities.  Massage sessions have a profound calming effect on the mind, so that the body can relax completely.  I have regular massages & spa treatments from Michaella to help me handle the pressures and stresses of school and daily life and to also restore the balance of my body, mind, and soul.

-Olga, PhD Student

*If you’re looking for quality work with a program customized towards your specific goals, then I recommend Suruhana Natural Healing Center. She listens and strategizes with you to make sure you get the most out of each session.


*First, I would like to preface by saying that I have had massages at high end vacation resorts, Udander in OKC, Elements, etc. They were ok and relaxing ..BUT..
There is a reason Michaella has such high reviews. The person who mentioned that she is not only a masseuse but also a healer; hit the nail on the head!
I have had several sessions now with her and I have NEVER been disappointed or the least bit unhappy with my experience. I ALWAYS leave relaxed but more than anything I have pain relief! I was in a bad car accident in 2011 that affected my body quite drastically. Michaella is not only 'massaging' she is mapping your back and muscle trying to move things where they should be, provide lymphatic drainage, etc. I can feel her trying to actually get rid of the knots and tension plus I always feel the spirituality of her work.
I have both been to her home office (located in a quiet small trailer community). Her space at her home office is extremely calming.
I also asked her to come to my house and she massaged my family who was in town for Christmas. EVERYONE was singing her praises. My mom has fibromyalgia and she said it helped with pain and inflammation tremendously. My sister has scoliosis and they both plan to see her regularly as I do.
{Just as a side note I have also had Michaella do some energy work in my home, smudging, etc. If you are not 'into' that kind of thing great- she does not push ANY of her services. But I thought I would mention for people who are looking for that. The energy in my home definitely felt lighter and calmer.}
Please feel free to ask me questions! You can also check out her facebook page for more info.


*Michaella came in to my life when I had just made a career change and was struggling with my confidence in my abilities to succeed in my new career path. She immediately gave me the support and continual encouragement and organizational skills I needed! She genuinely believed in me!

Michaella utilized her own experience, background, and knowledge as a very accomplished massage therapist and business owner to mentor and coach me to create success in my new skincare practice. She focused very specifically on my main goals and the things that I wanted to change and create in my business. Michaella generously gave her time, positive energy and excellent organizational skills to assist me launch my new career as a Holistic Skincare Practitioner.  

Michaella will challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone in many ways and expect that she will be direct and honest. At the same time, Michaella comes from a place of loving compassion! She really cares and freely gives of herself! Michaella truly is a positive coach and mentor and is there to help support, inspire, and guide you towards a more successful and prosperous future! I am very grateful to Michaella for assisting me in believing in myself! I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help, support, guidance, encouragement, or advice of any kind! Especially if you want to live your authentic truth! 

-Marsha, Holistic Skincare Practitioner

*I’m 100% disabled from war in Afghanistan and my back is always hurting and sore I have to say the massage I received by her was the best massage I ever received, I’m definitely going back and will be monthly to manage my back, shoulders, and neck pain. Thank you for the amazing massage.


*I’ve seen Michaella three times now, and I’m impressed by her knowledge. She is very thorough and takes care to ensure that she addresses all of my problem areas each time I see her. I love that she uses brushing, warm oil, and hot packs during the session. I would highly recommend Michaella! She is an excellent massage therapist who has made it her life’s mission to help others find peace and healing!

-Maegan B

*My therapist Michaella delivered a very relaxing, nurturing experience all within the comfort of my own home! I loved being spoiled by all the amenities and aromatherapy and massage techniques and will definitely be calling them again.

-Amy H

*I wanted to stop by and write a short review. I have been affiliated with Michaella also known to me as Mack; during the years of knowing Michaella and working one-on-one with her she has been a great motivational coach. She gives great insight on many questions that involve healing therapeutics! Life isn't easy at times but you can go to her and when finished talking to her about a situation on health or just about life in general your anxiety immediately becomes at ease because she has the knowledge to point you in the direction that you need to go. I highly recommend Michaella for any life or health coaching. On a side note, I want the readers to know she is also easy to talk to and keeps all her answers simple in order for you to understand. Give her a try; you only have one life & your mind is just as important as your health. Best wishes to everyone!

- Misty, Aesthetician

*I highly recommend Michaella! She appeared to be very knowledgeable in her field. My massage was both relaxing and therapeutic. Her services are affordable, and I appreciate that both hot stones and aromatherapy were included at no additional charge. Michaella was in between office spaces, so she even traveled to my home. Overall, I had a great experience! I already booked another session!


*Michaella is amazing! I always feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a massage session with her. She really knows her craft and loves what she does. I cannot recommend her enough! You absolutely will not be disappointed!

-Katie H

*I have had many massages going from one place to the next and found Michaella to be the most caring and accomplished therapist I have found. She exudes positive energy and it was very relaxing and professional. I will definitely be a regular and look forward to the next visit.

*I went in today for neck amd lower back pain. Michaella was awesome. The comfort, concern and strong professionalism demonstrated by her will keep me coming back again. I have seen many chiropractors and massage therapists before in the past. Most were just trying to rush me out the door. Not Michaella. She took her time and listen to my concerns and focused on the areas most affected. Thanx Michaella.

-J D

*The best massage i've ever had. uses a nice variety of techniques, very professional, and very friendly. Highly recommend. Will be using her again! thank you

-Deb M

*This was my first massage. The state of mind that I walked away with was life changing. I purchased the 90 minute massage. Although, prodigious, would be more suited to describe my experience. If you are looking for some much needed relaxation and therapy, I would most definitely recommend them.
I definitely found my "go-to" therapist. Quit reading reviews, and do yourself a favor and call them today!

-Marvin S

*The best person. She has a magical hands and can relieve your pain. You feel very relaxed after your massage and I guarantee that. I went with a shoulder pain and got relieved in just first visit. Thanks a lot

-Aravind S

*Wonderful experience. Was more relaxed after this than I have been at any other massage. Would highly recommend and will be coming back.

-Chase B

*This place is AMAZING! Michaela is patient and gives positive energy. She listened to my concerns to ensure I was relaxed and comfortable but still got the results I needed to start my path to healing. I am extremely picky when it comes to anyone touching me and I have tried several massage therapists before connecting with Michaela. Bottom Line: My search is over... I found the Perfect Therapist for Me!

-Akili W

*Michaella is a very talented, knowledgeable and professional massage practitioner. In fact she is my preferred massage practitioner. Love her style and touch!

-Jamie L

*I found them when I was visiting and I'm so glad I did! I was lucky enough to talk to Michaella and accept her generous offer of coming in early for a 90 minute massage. I thought that was so kind, especially because I am not from the area and my chances of coming back "regularly" are slim. What that told me is: she is obviously very serious about her business, and truly has a love for "wellness"...I *loved* my massage, it was perfect in every way. She didn't talk the whole time ((like some of my therapists have)), her room was warm and inviting. One of my favorite parts was the aromatherapy she used. I think she made a "potion" of 7 different oils on my back? It was AMAZING! ;) I will make them a destination stopover next time I visit! Thanks again!!

-Angela Q

*It was just the right amt of pressure that I needed to relieve the pain and stiffness in the back... I highly recommend them!

-Steve L

*I love them! You always feel welcome, appreciated, and not just a number. We recommend them to our patients at the Natural Health Clinic and have always gotten rave reviews. It is great to have someone you can trust to recommend.

-Gary G

*Michaella is wonderful. She is listens to your wants, needs and problem areas. She has helped me immensely with my tight muscles and knots. She is very knowledgeable about essential oils and CBD oil. I love Michaella and would recommend her to everyone!


*After my first massage with Michaella, I knew that I had found a place where I would get my massages regularly. Michealla is the best at what she does! I immediately feel relieve after each session and that is why I look forward to getting my massages every time. She also makes sure everything is perfect and in a comfortable setting. I HIGHLY recommend her if you are looking for a place to get a relaxing massage.

-Maria D

*They truly live up to the name. Michaella is blessed with such an amazing healing spirit that she shares with all her clients. I've been getting my massage treatments from Michaella since the very beginning of her practice, which I believe started in 2007. The soothing, relaxing, spirtual ambience greets you when you first arrive, and you leave with your mind and body completely at peace. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who wants to experience the best that massage therapy has to offer.

*Michaella is the best! I have been going to her for a little over a year now. Thanks to my coworker that had introduce me to this place! I'm a full time student so it's hard to spend a lot of money. I can only treat myself to a massage every now and then. I am so glad that they have their specials at such a discounted price! (Definately take advantage of this!) My first massage ever was with Michaella and it was just heavenly! She was made sure everything was perfect for me, the pressure, the temperature, and made sure I felt comfortable at all times. Michaella takes great care of you during your sessions and after! I would always feel relaxed and ready for a long sleep after. I highly recommend this place. 

*Their spot is a wonderful place to go for your healing needs. I lead a very busy life and at times taking care of myself comes last. Michaella always does her best to work with my vary busy schedule and is one of the most reliable massage therapists I have had the pleasure to meet. The stress from being a mom, office manager, paralegal, wife, auction committee member, runner, seamstrist (yes, I know - I'm high energy), and last but not least a product of several muscle injuries in my back - this is the place to go. I've been going there for almost four years now and I can't picture going anywhere else. My favorite part is I can go in for a relaxing massage one week and the next week I can work on injuries. They continually grow and evolve; getting better and better with time. I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

*Receiving a massage under the skilled, strong, and skilled hands of massage practitioner Michaella is an experience you do not want to miss. She intuitively and expertly knows what areas need attention. After a session with her, I am calm, relaxed, centered, and feel good in my skin. I could not recommend her more highly.

*I always leave her office feeling rejuvinated and relaxed. I have been to other places and they were good but I feel that she actually takes the time to find out what I want from her for the visit. Not just jumping into the massage.

I have been to many different Spas to get a massage and would have to say that Michaella has been the best by far! I randomly came across the website and was thrilled to find that they offer an educator's discount. That was enough to get me to try out Michaella and I have been back many times since then. She does a great job of asking what your needs are and gonig from there. The massage was a truly relaxing experience and I will continue to go!

*Michaella is wonderful at massage. She pays attention to your needs and combines many techniques for a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

-T G

*INCREDIBLE, HEALING, THERAPUETIC, CALMING and PEACEFUL are words that come to my mind when I think about the massages(Swedish) I get from Michaella. My mind body and spirit are totally uplifted after a session with Michaella. I have been going for massages with her for over a year. She is skilled, talented and truly gifted at what she does. She communicates and listens well and is able to assess the tension in my body. On top of all this, the aroma of the room is perfect. I highly recommend Michaella to all! PS Be sure to check out her deals for savings.

*I have been a client for more than a year and have always been amazed at what she does for me. I did the STP for the first time. I fell and had had significant road rash up one entire side of me. I came in the next day thinking she couldn't help me much because of it. I was wrong! She was able to work both sides and improving my abrasions.

*Michaella has an incredible gift in her hands. I have watched her grow as a massaage therapist and what an amazing therapist she is. I would highly recommend seeing her. We can be quiet in the session or gab endlessly, but it is I the client who decides. I am always pleased with her massage.

*I've been seeing Michaella for almost two years. She is awesome. She always takes the time to ask how I am feeling and whether there are any areas on which I would like her to focus. I would highly recommend her.

*Michaella is fantastic! I have been going to her for over a year and I will continue for as long as possible. I like to get monthly massages to make sure I'm feeling my best, and Michaella definitely makes me feel my best! She really listens to you and knows how the body works. Often times I go in thinking I'm feeling pretty good, but she can always find the problem areas even if I don't know they're there! Her space is very relaxing and smells great...and I love the little after-session treat she sets out. She has a very calming presence and I love that she allows me to be quite during my session (I've had massage therapists that just talk to you the whole session), which really makes a difference. I would recommend Michaella to anyone/ everyone!

*I just love Michaella's massages. She has strong hands and knows when to use the right amount of pressure for gentle or really deep tissue work. If you really want to pamper yourself, relax and unwind with one of her spa treatments.

*Had a wonderful massage from Michaella just prior to the birth of my son. My lower back was so tweaked from carrying the baby, and Michaella was incredible. She has very strong hands and because she was pregnant herself at the time, knew exactly where I was hurting. I recommended her to my husband and he said she gave the best massage he's ever had. Her demeanor is calming and gentle, and the post-massage treat at the end was a very nice touch. Take a few hours and pamper yourself with Michaella - you'll be glad you did. Her rates are reasonable and she is worth every penny.

*Michaella's massage is wonderfully effective! A near-miss auto incident left me with a "frozen neck" and awful pain with movement. Several therapists tried to resolve it using various techniques with minimal results. One session with Michaella's healing massage and I had almost normal range of motion and was virtually pain free!! Her focused intention and deep concern and care are extremely restorative.

-Sami, Massage Therapist

*Every visit has been a positive experience because Michaella listens to what you want.  She also occasionally verifies that you are doing ok, enjoying your massage and are comfortable.  She is talkative if you want to be and quiet and meditative if you don't.  Michaella never ceases to amaze me with the high level of service she provides.

-Stan, Carpenter

*My experience has been awesome!  Michaella always goes the extra mile to please her clients and they are always her top priority. 

-Wendy, Office Assistant

*Receiving a massage under the skilled, strong, and knowing hands of massage practitioner Michaella is an experience you do not want to miss.  She intuitively and expertly knows what areas need attention.  After a session with her, I am calm, relaxed, centered, and feel good in my skin.  I could not recommend her more highly.

 -Patricia, Professional Coach

*Michaella has been a great massage therapist for me and has also given me relaxing spa treatments.  She has become a wonderful, humble and sincere friend whom I value immensely!!  She provides quite a few different services and I would trust her with whatever she did for me.  What I love the most is - when we have finished our session, while I'm getting dressed, she has waiting for me a glass of water or a cup of tea and a beautifully decorated plate filled with fruit and a yummy piece of chocolate!!  If you ever need a service of any kind from her, I can pretty much guarantee that you will not be disappointed!! 

-Lee Anne, Retired

*I started seeing Michaella while pregnant as I thought I deserved a relaxing treat towards the end of my pregnancy.  However, about two months later I was rear ended in a terrible car accident and so was blessed to have already found a terrific massage therapist!  I’ve been seeing Michaella once a week since the accident and have felt much improvement in my neck and back.  I am so thankful to have found her healing hands as she has been a big part of my recovery.  Thank you Michaella!! 

-Valerie, Mother & Business Owner

*The massages I receive every other week from Michaella are great!  The environment feels safe and comfortable, I leave feeling relaxed and ready to go back to reality. 

-Beverly, Aesthetician

*Michaella is an amazing massage therapist!!  From the moment I first stepped into her office I felt nurtured and pampered.  Michaella truly has a gift for massage that seems to come not simply from having mastered massage techniques but from an intuitive sense of how to care for others through her touch.  Prepare to relax and enjoy in her capable hands! 

-Glenda, Fitness Director

*To be touched by Michaella is to feel love and be loved.  Her hands embody healing and her heart is filled with great intentions.  Michaella is very spiritual in the sense of calming the mind, so that the body can relax entirely.  I have had several massages from Michaella and they are comforting.  Her touch gives me tingles and as I have settled in on the massage table I know without a doubt this will be the best massage.  She is in tune with me and seems to know exactly what my body requires.  She listens and wants to give the best care each time.  Her hands are an extension of her warm, caring heart and her gift to others of healing the mind, body, and soul!

-Angela, Healthcare Worker

*I have been going to Michaella Misko for a monthly massage for about 3-1/2 years.  I think her massages are great and wouldn't give them up for the world---she's the best.  My body feels so much better after having one of her deep tissue massages. 

-Vicki, Office Manager

*I am very happy with Michaella's services; I always feel like I have a new body when I leave from her massage treatments.  Love to have her! 

-Angie, Hairstylist

*Michaella is very personable, caring, and conscientious.  She makes each massage experience personal and remembers specific areas of concern for me, which is great for me since I have chronic issues that need continuous care and treatment.  The Wellness Sanctuary is relaxing, quiet, and warm.  I like that Michaella always calls to remind me of appointments and to follow-up on care.  She also treats you to a great cup of tea after each session!  I highly recommend her to everyone.

-Denise, Sales

*The very first time I got a massage from Michaella I had the most amazing sleep ever.  It was the best night's sleep I had had in years! 

-Brenda, Registered Nurse

This was my first time to go to this place. I was so relaxed. I have reschedule already.  Most of the times after my massage within 24 I feel my body hurting again. I was good for 3 days.                   Suruhana Massage and Natural Healing. 616 NW 21ST OKC.-Kimberly Muzny 8/26/21

i’ve been going to michaella for over 2 years and i can’t say enough positive words about her. she brought back my body when i was at my lowest. she really cares about your body’s physical, mental and spiritual health. i wish i could describe the feeling of when you rise from the table and almost feel like you’re on a high. the room is the perfect temp, the music is calming, the stones are nice and hot, the towels are steamy, the oils smell amazing, it’s not too dark in there. every detail doesn’t go unnoticed with her. i would recommend her to anyone. and i’ll continue to go to her for the rest of my life 💕🥺 please book with her and you won’t look back!-Taylor Farris 9/2/21

I would recommend Michaela to everyone I know. She really has healing hands because the irritating inflammation I had at my lower back for a long time is gone. Even my shoulders are back to normal.  Just wish I could see her every week.  Might just need to get a subscription for the massages. She really cares about your well-being,  your needs and your wants. She really is the real deal. 
Too bad I can't give her 10stars-Deb Smith 10/10/21

Awesome therapeutic massage!! Michaella is absolutely one of the best therapists I have ever encountered.  She takes her time in getting your medical background and tailors it according!! Professionalism and excellence.  I’ll be back for sure!!- Wes Wheland 10/17/21

She is exceptional! I have a slew of chronic issues and by the end of my 1st session she had a game plan on how to go about it. Today was my 2nd visit and let me tell you... I left today feeling great!- Reyna Gunther 11/14/21

I just booked my 2nd appointment.  I have gotten massages for years, however I have never had an experience like this.  Michaella offers many add ones for no additional cost.  I also tried cupping for the first time.  My back has never felt better!Thank you Michaella for using your talents to improve my life.- Sharlotte Gilles 12/16/21

I loved my massage with Michaella! She is very professional and good at her work. I felt so much tension relief after she was done I could have fallen asleep on that table lol. Looking forward to my next appointment! -Adeline Machalinski 1/5/22

10/10 recommended! I had a very relaxing 60 minute body scrub with Michaella - which was amazing. My next appointment is already on my calendar!😁 Also LOVE the communication! -Krystal Elkins 1/12/22

I went to Suruhana for a body scrub and WOW!!! It was absolutely amazing. Michealla was extremely professional and knowledgeable! Im so glad I upgraded to the 90 min service. So worth it! Im already booking for next month!- Meredith Kenney 1/17/22

Michaella’s first 90 minute massage really changed my mindset, my body, my spirit, my life!  My mind was so clear in the days and weeks after. I was able to let go of things that had been bothering me. And I just feel better! I’m very appreciative! Will definitely be back! I’m a believer in the healing power of massage!- La Trecca Wilson 1/25/22

I had my first visit today! Hands down this was amazing amazing experience and I highly recommend Michaella! I will definitely be back!!- Whitney Kemp 1/26/22

She does great work I already have my next appointment.- Jose Silva 3/8/22

I move alot and it's always really hard to find a good massage therapist. I was inclined to try Michaella and look no further! My 90 min massage was exactly what I needed and we tried cupping for my first time. Michaella literally has magic hands and helped release alot of tension in my shoulders. The head massage for my chronic migraines was something I never knew I needed in my life!! She is very professional and super nice.  I am excited to get me and my husband set up for monthly massages with her!- Cassie Zebracki 3/9/22

Michaella not only gives a wonderful massage, she also has the most calming and comfortable aura.
I would fully recommend- Mary Sholly 3/6/22

Not only does Michaella have a beautiful, calming, welcoming energy about her… she knows how to give an incredible massage! The moderate-firm pressure was perfect for me and I’m already looking forward to my next massage - she’s a true healer! 
She is also very knowledgeable about the products and services she provides.- Darci Standridge 5/9/22

She is the first person that my husband enjoyed going too.  I'm the only person that understands he needs deep tissue massage, and she was able to deliver!  We definitely recommend and will be going back!- Kyleigh McGruder 5/26/22

Went to Michelle for the first time thought she was very awesome that I signed up for more massages she is very friendly seems to know what she’s doing what I like most is that she listens to you and your needs can’t wait to go back for my second God bless🙏♥️ - Elizabeth Williams 9/19/22

I have had many massages in my life but this is my new home! I love the energy healing and they way she works will oils and breath during her practice. Thank you for sharing your gift with our community ❤️❤️❤️- Amanda Zoey Weathers 1/6/2023