Suruhåna Massage & Natural Healing
at The ARC in Mesta Park, NW OKC

Your First Massage



*What to expect from your first professional massage at Suruhåna Massage & Natural Healing*

If this is your first time receiving massage you may feel a little uneasy not knowing what to expect. Let us clear your concerns up right now so that when you come in you can relax and rejuvenate.  Or even if you have had a massage previously, we would still like to acquaint you on what a session would be like with us. Please review our “Policies & Protocols” email for further information as well. We take joy in providing the best service & professionalism in the wellness industry and these policies help ensure we keep you #1 and always in great hands!

~ The service(s) you are receiving are provided in a peaceful setting with a calm atmosphere; with that being said IT IS EXPECTED THAT: phones are silenced, common courtesy is given to those around you & if you bring a guest that you are responsible for their behavior. Please do not bring children unless they are receiving the service and are accompanied by a responsible guardian. If this policy is not followed; the service will be canceled and no refund or rescheduling of the service will be allowed due to negligence.

Before your massage:

-It would be good to have recently bathed or showered (just good personal hygiene)

-Drink plenty of water

-If you want to eat a light meal/snack prior to your session that is ok

-Set your intentions for your massage (i.e. relieve stress, heal, zone out)

Before your appointment:

-Please fill out the PERSONAL HEALTH INTAKE prior to your first session so as to not take away from your "table time". We usually recommend coming in 10 min prior to your session. Or we can email it as well and you can print off and bring in with you.

-Please familiarize yourself with our Policies & Protocols (sent via email)

-It is IMPORTANT that you are clear on your intake about any injuries you have had, current/past illnesses, and medications that you are taking as this will impact how we adjust your massage session so that you are first and foremost-SAFE

-We will discuss your massage goals and create a treatment plan based on your needs for that session

The massage:

-You will be asked if you need to use the restroom before getting started (however if at any time during the massage you need to use the restroom- please do not hesitate to let your therapist know as your comfort is of utmost importance to us)

-Once in the room & having discussed your focus for the session's massage, your therapist will direct you to either start "face up" or "face down"

-Your therapist will then leave the room so that you may undress to your comfort level (Massage is beneficial regardless of how much clothing you take off, however we do find that the massage is more "flowing" and easier to connect each stroke with less on) and then proceed to get underneath the sheets

-Your therapist will knock before re-entering

-Before any hands-on work we will check in to see if you are comfortable: If you are warm enough, if the music volume is ok (you may also bring your own music if you would like or if you don't want any music that is ok too), and pressure of touch. We will ask you here and there about how the pressure is (but not so much as we do not want to take away from you relaxing) but we do ask that you please speak up at any time if you want more or less of something- AS PRESSURE LEVELS ARE SUBJECTIVE; with one person’s idea of “DEEP TISSUE“ being very different than anothers. We use the terms “FIRM, MODERATE, or LIGHT PRESSURE. We believe in the HIPPOCRATIC OATH of “DO NO HARM”. Most clients love our work yet some prefer the “NO PAIN NO GAIN“ model or validly need deeper pressure than our therapists might offer. In those instances, we are happy to refer out to another peer more in alignment with your particular needs

-Depending on what is trying to be accomplished during the session it may be necessary to have feedback from you, the client, especially if we are doing treatment work

-Treatment work can be intense but it is our goal and belief that we can work together towards a "pain level" that is moderate.  What we mean by this is that you feel the work being done but not to the extent that your body clenches up as that almost defeats the purpose and may cause other muscles to react which in turn is counterproductive

-If you want to talk go ahead and talk; if you want to be quiet that is ok too. And if you want to sleep that is fine as well. In fact it would be a compliment

After the massage:

-When the massage is over your therapist will let you know and leave you so that you may redress

-Please take your time getting up as after laying down for awhile you may feel a little disoriented, lightheaded, or dizzy

-We will discuss how your session went and plan for the best follow-up massage routine that fits you

-Your therapist will offer you water or tea to help you stay hydrated after your session

After your session:

-Please continue to drink water as this will help remove any toxins that have been stirred up during the massage

-Try to take it easy.  Relax; take a nap if you can

-If you feel any discomfort after some "deep tissue" or treatment work we would advise icing the area for no more than fifteen minutes at a time. You may want to alternate with heat and cold.  You can also try soaking in an epsom salt bath for at least 15-30 minutes or apply a natural pain relieving ointment; Tiger Balm or Icy Hot works too (although not all natural)!

-Your therapist will call or text you the following day after your first session to check in and see how you are doing; and if you have any questions regarding your session feel free to give us a call as well