Suruhåna Massage & Natural Healing
at The ARC in Mesta Park, NW OKC

Doctor Approved

Here at Suruhåna Massage & Natural Healing 

we work with various referring healthcare practitioners

to provide the best care possible to our mutual patients.  


Best Oklahoma City Massage Therapists


Some practitioners who refer include:

*Medical Doctors (MD) *Naturopathic Doctors (ND) *Surgeons *Specialists *Dentists *Chiropractors (DC) *PA's *ARNP's *Acupuncturists (EAMP) *Physical Therapists *Counselors/Therapists/Coaches

Why Refer Patients to Us?

Providers choose us time and time again because of our proven history:

-Being effective in our treatment work

-Focused on health issue or injury(ies) specified on prescription

-Meticulous in our record keeping and timely updates of patient's progress

-Always providing superior customer service to patients and colleagues alike

-Are team players and community-involved

-Support wellness by providing discounts to those trying to take accountability for their health

What Providers Say About Us:

*Michaella is a dedicated massage therapist and business woman who is committed to the highest quality of professional services. She has unique background, training, and personal growth and brings the highest intention to her body work and business in general. Michaella is definitely a team player and always invested in supporting her like minded colleagues with professional collaboration. She is very authentic, generous , honest, intelligent, hard working and has a beautiful heart and energy that bring happiness to those around her. I would highly endorse Michaella in any service she offers or venture she pursues as she is truly about wellness!

- Dr Lynn Mikel, ND, Natural Health Clinic of Des Moines


*I have worked with Michaella for over 5 years as a client and as a referring doctor of patients to her.  Michaella's massage therapy work made a significant difference in helping me recover form a shoulder and neck injury. The shoulder injury was at a plateau until I was able to work with her to pin point the troubled area to create the muscular balance required to stabilize the shoulder. In those years I had referred many of my patients into her office with great success for coordination in care. She is professional, compassionate, highly knowledgeable and attentive. Michaella had taken time in our office in understanding the neurological and structural testing we perform in our office in order to provide a higher quality of care for the patients we sent to her.  Thanks for all you do Michaella!

-Dr Bonnie Verhunce, Chiropractor, Vitality Chiropractic


*As an acupuncturist, it's my job to restore balance to my patients' bodies and spirits, and, in order for me to perform at my best, I must stay balanced.  Michaella, through her excellent technique, compassion, and professional approach, keeps me feeling great in body and mind!  She takes time to ask if there are areas I would like her to focus on, and targets those areas during the treatment.  Michaella is incredibly intuitive, and knows just how much pressure to apply, and what areas of my body could use more treatment.  I have found her massages to be not only relaxing and restorative, but also greatly therapeutic.  I highly recommend Michaella to anyone seeking massage therapy.  Thanks, Michaella!

-Natalie King, EAMP, Flourish Acupuncture & Wellness


*Michaella does a great massage that is therapeutic and relaxing. She is very skilled in her technique and able to find the places in the body that need the most attention. I really enjoyed the use of essential oils with the massage, they added a new experience and could feel how powerful they work to open up and relax the muscles. Michaella won't disappoint you!

-Dr Susan Jones, ND, One Earth Medicine